"From the moment I met Steve his incredible giftings were quite evident. A master of character voices, his servant's heart shines through in every situation."

- Frank Montenegro, Senior Broadcast Designer, Rick Warren's 'Daily Hope'

"Steve Cook provides characterizations that are fun, compelling, and even comical at times, in his own very animated style..This is truly a great introduction to--or reminder of--the stories of Tom Sawyer by classic author Mark Twain." 

~ The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

"Steve is gifted in ways most actors are not. And to know that he is using his talents to glorify the Word and the Lord are inspiring to me."

- Brad Sherrill, Actor, The Gospel of John

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revised geneva translation


middle grade and children



So what exactly is that story about talents in the Bible, you may ask? Check out the Parable of the Five Talents from Matthew 25, HERE.