Week 20 - "Fighting The Power (Genesis1, 2Timothy1_7)

The "Word To Life" audioblog is a weekly audio devotional, covering one solar calendar year, beginning at the biblical first week of the year - Passover/Easter Week (Exodus 12:2, Mark 14:1). It features 2 minutes of highly realistic and engaging Scripture drama followed by 2 minutes of commentary by Steve Cook. 


Every day, I fight the power of the Word of God by clinging to other, weaker sources of power. What I seem to have trouble remembering (or believing) is that no book, no person, no party, no philosophy, no religion, no relationship, no accomplishment, and certinly no amount of money or "security", has the ability to give me what I most crave; what only the Word made flesh, Jesus Christ, can give me. 

Only He truly loves me without condition.

And only He has the power to bring me true peace in this life (John14_27) and the next (Romans5_1).


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