"Light Wait" (Genesis 41, Matthew 5:14-16, 11:29)

The "Word To Life" audioblog is a weekly audio devotional, covering one solar calendar year, beginning at the biblical first week of the year - Passover/Easter Week (Exodus 12:2, Mark 14:1). It features 2 minutes of highly realistic and engaging Scripture drama followed by 2 minutes of commentary by Steve Cook. 


WEEK 8 - A powerful teaching on modesty is Matt5_14-16, where Jesus reminds me of the main motivation behind it. Like Joseph in Egypt, it’s ok to shine a light on myself, as long as I’m re-directing that light back on Christ, to the praise of His glory and the postponement of my own. If I can keep that one thought in mind, it is much easier for me to discern how to dress.