Unique Approach Gets Kids Excited About Bible Memorization


Groundbreaking Stage Adaptation of Mark's Gospel Well-Suited for Student Productions


Altanta, Georgia – Steve Cook, a professional actor, sound designer, and 30- year veteran of Off-Broadway, TV and radio, has created a fun new way to help folks memorize more Scripture.


Much more.


It's a 2-Act Stage Adaptation of Mark's Gospel called “WTB_Mark”, and it's based on Cook's much-acclaimed, one-man audio recording, (kindle version available for purchase HERE and audiobook version HERE) The new stage play employs the exact same sound effects and music as the recording. Only now, others are speaking the words over them, not Cook.


“This play is perfect for any place in which the Bible is taught as Truth. It offers the actors a wonderful opportunity for long-passage Scripture memorization in a very active and fun setting,” says Cook, “The Director's duties are much less stressful because all of the movements and inflections are already in the script and reinforced in great detail by the soundtrack. Plus, you don't have to do the whole play at once. You can break it down chapter by chapter for classes, chapels, or maybe even as a 15-minute opening act.”


Cook's ministry, Five Talents Audio, has been around since 2008 with a mission to activate more of God's Word in peoples' lives through something he calls “Active Scripture Memorization” or ASM for short. Simply put, that means memorizing longer passages of Scripture and speaking them back out loud in the presence of someone or some group.


“In the 1st Century, people memorized and spoke back God's Word to each other in long form with powerful, reckless results for the Kingdom,” says Cook, “In fact, it was our primary means of meditation, since most of us were illiterate. We all long for that same spiritual power in our lives today.” Cook believes ASM most closely models the “hear and speak” method of Bible study Jesus talks about in John 16:13 and that it can truly can transform our walks with Him.


“In both the Sermon on the Mount and the The Parable of the Sower, when referring to Scripture, Jesus always uses the words “see” and “hear” rather than “read”. People HAD to memorize God's Word through story and song if they were going to share it, and then trust the Holy Spirit to sanctify them through that process.” says Cook, “I have 5 main reasons why I think ASM can be transformational today, but the bottom line is that it has brought deep personal revival to my own walk with Jesus, and I believe it will do the same for anyone else.”


In addition to ministering to his home church in Atlanta, Cook shares WTB and ASM presentations at schools, churches, festivals, and elsewhere. “Obviously, I can’t guarantee your experience will be exactly the same as mine,” says Cook, “But I can say without hesitation that since I started memorizing and speaking back Scripture in this way in 2009, I have fallen more in love with Jesus than ever before.”


Steve Cook has been producing and publishing audiobooks since 2007, when he recorded the entire 1599 Geneva Audio Bible for Tolle Lege Press. Some other titles include #1 Amazon Best-Sellers The Book of Enoch and The Book of JubileesWitness the Bible: Genesis to Jesus, Witness the Bible: Joseph & Judah, A Christmas Carol, Tom Sawyer: A One-Hour Classic, and Rowdy Raccoon and the Turtle Who Wanted to Fly.



 Steve Cook