Memo Devo 2.0 (ebook)


Memo Devo 2.0 (ebook)


As part of the continuing mission to activate more of God's Word in people's daily lives, Memo Devo 2.0 helps you memorize 10 more foundational passages of Scripture through the process of "Active Scripture Memorization". 

But, wait a minute. Isn't that redundant?
Isn't all Scripture is supposed to be “living and active” already? (Heb4_12) 
Ahh, yes, but it's not the Scripture that needs activating. It's the memorization.
For centuries, people have memorized and spoken back God's Word to each other in long form with powerful, reckless results for the Kingdom. In fact, up until about 500 years ago, it was our primary means of meditation, since most of us were illiterate.
But from the invention of that first printing press back in 1439 to the roll out of the latest iPad, Bible memorization has slowly become a more text-based enterprise, usually done in isolation, with more personal goals in mind rather than for worship. It is no longer the active communal expression of love for Jesus that it was back in the 1st Century and therefore, I believe, we no longer experience all of its deep spiritual benefits; benefits which Jesus Himself promised! (Jn8_31-32, Jn15_7-8, Jn17_17) 
But what if we made a conscious effort to revive that experience? What if we re-introduced the radically ancient concept of Active Scripture Memorization back into our homes and churches? I believe we would see that the simple act of speaking back long memorized passages of Scripture to each other in community has the power to help transform our walk with Jesus. I believe we would experience better intimacy with God, a better witness for God, and better protection under God, all while using time and resources we already possess.   
One of the keys to 1st Century-style revival, is more 1st Century-style Bible study. 
Memo Devo 2.0 is designed to help you do that.


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