Five Talents Audio

Ministry Plan


Mission: To activate more of God's Word in people's daily lives.


Vision: To be a conduit for the simple, supernatural power found only in the Word of God (Heb4_12) by re-introducing the 1st-Century Bible Study technique of Active Scripture Memorization (ASM); that is, the memorization and speaking back of long passages of Scripture in community.


Goals: PHASE 1 - Churches

0-6 months

1) Introduce “Witness The Bible” dramas, ASM Workshops and L&A Cafes to at least 15 churches across central Georgia.

There is a blind spot in the church today when it comes to memorizing Scripture. If it isn't completely confined to the children's ministry, it is usually done in isolation, with only a personal goal in mind rather than as an active part of communal worship. While any Scripture memorization has value, of course, I'm convinced we adults miss out on so much more from the Spirit when we only engage in the status quo. These 3 events are designed to change the way we think about having God's Word literally abide in us (Jn15_7-8) so that we may “taste and see” the miraculous power of the Spirit in the radically ancient practice of ASM.

  • “Witness The Bible” Live Dramas

    • Taken directly from Steve's highly-acclaimed "Witness The Bible" audio dramatizations (as featured on Bible Gateway) these unique, action-packed live presentations are accompanied by cinematic sound effects and music and are designed to inspire folks to see and hear God's Word in a whole new, more active, way. They can be any length, from 5 minutes up to 40, filling the pulpit entirely or simply augmenting an existing message.

  • ASM Workshops

    • A fun, worship-filled 2 hours of instruction and song in which participants learn the philosophy behind Active Scripture Memorization (ASM) and practices shared in Steve's devotional book series, Memo Devo: Memorization as Devotion (which is also featured on Bible Gateway as a recommended resource).

  • The L&A Cafe

    • The mic is always open in the Living and Active Cafe! Folks are invited to an intimate, Spirit-led evening of Active Worship, featuring live music (bring your guitar), live Scripture, and plenty of prayer and testimony. It's a relaxed, coffee shop-style setting, reminiscent of the 1st Century Church (Acts2_42-47).

2) Publish “MD3”, the third and final book in the “Memo Devo” alternative devotional series using ASM. It will cover the entire Sermon on the Mount in 23 weeks.

  • Together with MD1 and MD2, this entire series will cover a total of 41 long passages of Scripture over 50 weeks, all in devotional format. Substituting one's current devotional or starting a new one is a very practical way to get started with ASM without adding a lot of time to one's schedule. Once a person and/or congregation begins to experience what the Spirit does in this process, it is believed that ASM will become like a physical workout. That is, sometimes it will be hard, even painful, but the benefits of it will be so great, the price will gladly be paid. Or, as they say at the gym, “No pain. No gain.”

6-12 months

1) In order to raise awareness of the ministry, we will execute a 6-week promotional campaign about ASM and WTB to include: radio spots and promotions, TV interviews, email and direct mail.

  • Good Christian radio has many loyal and truthful listeners, among them homeschoolers and covenant families, whose feedback will be as valuable as their patronage in this first effort at literally “getting the Word out”. This will hopefully include a couple of small on-air promotions where we would give away a “Living and Active Weekend” to a church or other organization (a $1000-2000 value) as well as some products.

2) To present “WTB_Mark”, a 2-Act, sola-scriptura stage adaptation of Mark's Gospel, live onstage with a full cast.

  • Based on Steve Cook's audio recording, "Witness The Bible: Mark", this groundbreaking theatrical experience contains a cinematic underscore of music and sound effects, over which the action is meticulously timed out, just as it is in Steve's recordings. The result is a powerful activation of Scripture for both the audience and the actors! It is prop-less with a very simple set and costumes and runs about 90 minutes with one intermission. It is designed to replicate what Bible study must have been like in the 1st Century Church, when most believers were illiterate and therefore HAD to memorize and speak back God's Word to each other in order to meditate on it at all.

Participating Churches To Date

Atlanta: Roswell United Methodist, Dunwoody United Methodist, Dunwoody Community, Perimeter, Crossroads Community, Reach One, Village, Towne View Baptist

Elsewhere: Fletcher Memorial Baptist (Statsboro, GA), Fairfield Mountains Chapel (Lake Lure, NC), Centenary United Methodist (Shelbyville, KY)


PHASE 2 – Schools (1-2 years)

1) To bring WTB and ASM to at least 20 Christian Schools by the end of 2016, and at least 1 public school for both Christmas and Easter 2016.

  • Unlike us adults, children are regularly taught memorization. However, they are rarely taught in the way that ASM does: long-form and with the added context of communal WORSHIP. Young people seek authenticity more than anything else. They want to know that Jesus is REAL and will quickly begin to doubt things that are not modeled by adults. What's more, they have an amazing, God-given capacity to memorize long passages of text. What could be a more fertile field for ASM? As parents and leaders, we simply must begin to trust Jesus at His Word more in this area. Is it “living and active” or not?

  • Introduce both the Memo Devo series and “WTB_Mark” as part of a dynamic middle school Bible curriculum addition which at once makes long-passage memorization more active and fun through drama and also helps establish the all-important habit of a substantial daily devotion.

Participating Schools To Date

Atlanta: Perimeter School, Wesleyan School, East Cobb Christian, North Peachtree Academy, Legacy Community Academy


PHASE 3 – The Street (2-3 years)

1) Incorporate WTB and ASM into at least 5 inner-city missions by the end of 2018.

  • Partnering with great “hands and feet” ministries in the inner city helps ensure that Christ is magnified in the process, serving in both word and deed. (Col3_17)


PHASE 4 – The World (3-5 years)

1) Integrate WTB and ASM into at least 2 worldwide missions (beginning in England and South Africa) by the end of 2020.

  • The appeal of WTB and ASM to the international market is evident already. A significant part of the FTA customer base as well as many Facebook fans and newsletter subscribers are international. I believe this is because these folks often have less freedom when it comes to the exercise of their faith, making them thirst more for the Word and for opportunities to encourage each other in it. This situation resembles the 1st Century Church much more so than ours in the US. For these reasons I believe the Spirit will use WTB and ASM mightily given the right international partnerships.