Mnemonic PDFs

“The 23′s” ~ A Simple Way to Share The Gospel
New Testament Books
10 Commandments
12 Disciples
12 Original Sons of Jacob
10 Plagues of Egypt
9 Fruits of the Spirit
7 Main Spiritual Gifts

Other Mnemonic Videos

Long-term Memory Test (Psalm 23)
-performing a simple task while reciting something you’ve memorized is a great test to see if it’s been hidden in your long-term memory!

“The 3 P’s”
- God tells us we can draw near to Him through the Praise, Pondering and Prayer of His Word. The 3 P’s! (James 4:8)


YOU Give Them Something To Eat (Mark 6:37) (guitar chords)
-did you know…? The Feeding of the 5000 is the only miracle besides the Resurrection which is mentioned in all four Gospels. Hmmm.

Punches ‘n Pinches (Matthew 7:12) (guitar chords)
-a song about The Golden Rule…and my daughter Ali.

ArmaWillo (Romans 5:1, John 10:28) (guitar chords)
-a song about the Peace and protection we have in Jesus…and my son’s nickname. (ft. Will Cook on penny whistle)


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