Living and Active Weekends

"That your faith might not be in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God." 1Cor2_5

Taste and see the power of God through 3 live events designed to help activate more of God's Word in your church!


Saturday afternoon: ASM Workshop

Learn the philosophy behind Active Scripture Memorization (ASM) and practices shared in Steve's devotional book series,

Memo Devo: Memorization as Devotion

- Hear the 5 reasons why Active Scripture Memorization has the power of real revival.

- Get hands-on interactive training in long-passage memorization.

- Encourage and equip one another in a relaxed and fun atmosphere! 


saturday Evening: The "L&A Cafe"

An intimate evening of Active Worship, featuring open-mic music (bring your guitar!), live Scripture (bring your Bible!), and prayer and testimony from the faithful, all in a relaxed, coffee shop-style atmosphere.


sunday morning: live ScripturE 

Taken directly from Steve's "Witness The Bible" dramatizations (as featured on Bible Gateway) these presentations are accompanied by cinematic sound effects and music and are designed to inspire your congregation to see and hear God's Word in a whole new, more active, way. They can be any length, from 5 minutes up to 40.

Below is a list of some commonly presented passages. It is not exhaustive by any means. 


Complete Overview  -  40 mins

Ch2,3 (The Fall)  - 10 mins

Ch5-8 (The Flood)  - 10 mins

Ch22 (Abraham and Isaac)  -  5 mins

Ch37-50 (Joseph)  -  10 mins within Genesis overview or 35 mins stand-alone


Ch11-16 (Passion Week)  -  40 mins


I have 70% of the entire book of Mark dramatized and can present any section you choose. 

Generally, about 5 verses can be dramatized in one minute. For example, the "Rich Young Ruler" scene from Mark 10:17-27 would take about 2mins and Mark 1 (45 verses) takes about 9 mins.


For booking and press inquiries, please contact 404.579.6864