Robert Bagley III has been married to Larisa since 1999 and they have two children. Robert holds a Bachelor of Arts in Interpersonal and Public Communications from Bowling Green State University of Ohio and a Masters of Art in Theological Studies from Northeastern Seminary - Rochester, NY. 

He is a trained preacher and lay-pastor which he does voluntarily for churches across the country. Robert has owned several businesses in his 20s and then went into corporate sales for the last 20 years. In those rolls, he has been an executive sales person, a Regional Vice President of sales, a Director of Sales Training, and most recently a Senior Vice President of Sales with fortune 500 companies and a privately owned company respectively in the flooring industry.

Robert and Steve's first publishing project together, "The Book of Enoch", launched in June of 2016 and has been a #1 Best-Seller on both Amazon and Audible and was in the Top 20 of its Audible category for an amazing 35 consecutive weeks.

Their latest project, "The Book of Jubilees", also recently reached #1 on Amazon.

Their brand new compilation re-release of both of those audiobooks together in one volume is entitled, "From The Dead Sea Scrolls: 1Enoch and The Book of Jubilees".